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"Do you travel for on-location services?"

We totally will come to your location.  We do need to know your general appointment time and location at the time of your booking


"How often should we communicate? And what should our communication look like?"

Upon booking, you will receive a welcome email with more details regarding our services and the process moving forward. We will also ask that you fill out a trial request form and get communication rolling regarding scheduling your trial as soon as you are ready to do so. If your wedding is quite a ways out, you can send over final details as you receive them or reach out with any questions along the way! We will start confirming and finalizing details with you and any necessary vendors (photographers, wedding planners, etc.) during the month of your wedding! 


Email is the best way to contact us regarding your wedding details, and we are always happy to set up a phone call to chat in detail. Please avoid using text and social media messaging when inquiring about details so nothing is overlooked! Keep in mind that non-urgent emails may have a 48-72 hour response window. 


Please also restrict non-urgent phone communication to our regular business hours: 9a-6p Mon-Thurs. We are typically working weddings Fri-Sun, so you may experience delayed phone/email response times on weekends. If your wedding is approaching (within two weeks) or something urgent has popped up, feel free to reach out via call/text anytime and we will respond as quickly as we can.


"Do you offer trial appointments?" 

Absolutely!  If you're looking to request a makeup or hair trial, we recommend scheduling a “trial appointment" for at least 1-6+ months or so before the event.  


“Can I schedule a trial without signing a contract?”

 Unfortunately no. We do require a contract and deposit prior to scheduling a trial in order to guarantee artists for the date you’ve requested. If for some reason you weren’t completely satisfied at the trial we would work with you directly to figure out the next steps.


"Where/when are trials and how much time should I allot?" 

All trial appointments are currently held in downtown Rochester Hills at a salon called “All Done Up” we hold trials once a month on Sundays. If you are an out of town bride please contact us about your trial if you can’t make the dates we have set. Our trial appointments are about 60 min per service, based on the services and styles requested, a trial appointment may be shorter or longer. 


"Do I really need to do a trial appointment?"

This is especially tricky for out of town or admittedly very low maintenance brides and clients.  A preview just gives you a great idea of what you'll look like on the day of the event, if you like more or less makeup in general, and how it will feel and last throughout the night.  Think of it as a tasting menu-- you get to sample different ideas, give feedback, and then you and your artist can make any edits before the big day.  The goal of the appointment is to learn what you loved (or didn't!), so we can make any adjustments for the wedding day.


"Do I need to bring reference/ Inspiration photos?"

We love inspiration! Whether it’s a Pinterest image or a time you loved your hair and makeup, we want to see it! That being said, photo inspiration is not required and that’s why we give you a few ideas on our website and instagram. 


"Can I request an additional trial appointment with my artist?"

As long as your artist is available, that is no problem at all.  Please note that rates for additional trials are required. 


"Who pays for parking?"

The client is responsible for all parking fees for the event.  Each artist often has 1-3 kit bags, and sometimes also beauty lights or a chair in tow, so if your location offers valet parking, that's the option our team uses in order to get to you as quickly as possible.  Unless other payment arrangements have been made, all parking and costs are to be paid at the time of service directly to the artist, or charged to your invoice.


"What are your travel fees?"

Please check with us personally for our specific travel fees outside of Metro-Detroit or Ann Arbor!


"Is there a minimum number of services or time required to book a wedding?"

We require a minimum of 6 services to book, (Hair and Makeup service =2)  Additional bride or bridal party services may be added as needed.


"What are some additional costs I should keep in mind?"

It's amazing the number of details a wedding can have, right?  Here are some of the things to keep in mind while you're deciding what kind of services or number of artists you may need: parking fees per artist at your appointment, cost of requesting additional trial appointments, beauty services for your wedding rehearsal, additional time for very long or thick hair, and possible costs per artist to travel for out of town/destination events.  It can be hard to gauge all these details early in your wedding planning, so please don't hesitate to ask if ever you have a question.


“What should I tip?”

Tips are not included in our pricing. 20% of your service is the industry standard, however, tipping is always at your discretion. You can pay our artists cash or Venmo.


“When is the remaining balance due?”

 The final balance for all services will be due the week of,  prior to the event. At this time, final headcount is due. An invoice will be sent via square. 


“How does scheduling work on the day-of?  Should I come up with a scheduled time for each bridesmaid to start services?”

We typically recommend that the majority of the wedding party arrive at the same time so we can grab whoever is ready and work continuously throughout the time allotted. We do not plan for any breaks or gaps in between services, so it is important that each artist is constantly working on someone. When you come up with a scheduled time for each bridesmaid, that can cause issues with timing should anyone run late. If there are one or two people that need to have their hair and makeup done first or come later and go last, that is something that can definitely be planned/scheduled.


“How long does each service take per person?”

We plan for 30/45 minutes per service- give or take a little bit. After scheduling the appropriate amount of time for services, we usually add on an extra 30-45 minutes of time as a buffer.


“How many artists will you be sending?”

Depending on headcount and timing, our rough rule of thumb is 1 artist for hair and 1 for makeup for up to 10 ladies needing services. Adding additional artists may accrue a fee. Accommodations can be made on an individual basis.


“Can I see the artists portfolios/Choose my artist?”

As we are a freelance agency with many artists, individual portfolios are not available; however, please check out our social media and the gallery on our website for images of our work! 

Can I choose my artist? The rough answer for this one is no. Our artists are assigned based on timing, headcount and location. If you did have a special request we’re definitely happy to do our best!

IG HANDLE: @detroitglam


“What should I have available in the room on the day-of for the artists?”

The makeup artist will need a higher bar height chair or stool and the hairstylist needs a normal desk or table height chair. They typically will arrive and rearrange the furniture to find the best lighting and the most comfortable set up for you and your girls.


“Should the girls come with clean or dirty hair?”

We prefer that everyone comes with clean hair that is completely dry and ready to be styled. If anyone has naturally curly or textured hair and they are going to want it styled smooth, they should arrive with their hair already blown out smooth or straightened. 


“Do the hair stylists work with extensions?”

 Yes! If extensions are needed for your look there are clip ins or semi permanent options available. A hair extension consultation can also be scheduled during your trial if you think the style you’re trying to achieve will require extensions. For bridesmaids, please make sure the extensions are completely dry and combed through. Wet or tangled extensions can not be used.


“Are additional services allowed  to be added on the day of?”

As long as timing allows we are happy to provide additional services. The services must be paid via cash before service is provided.


"What if one of my bridesmaids doesn't like her services?"

We want everyone we work with to *love* how they look on such a big day, which is why we ask that if ever there's anything someone's not loving during a service, that they please do let us know asap so we can fix it.  Most of our team has 1-2 decades of experience in the beauty industry, and we strive to create looks that make our clients feel the most beautiful.  But-- we do tell everyone who sits in our chairs: "this is not the time to be shy!”  We will ask for your input during the services, and again once all services are complete to see if any additional changes are requested at your appointment before leaving, as that is the best (and only!) time we'll have to remedy any issues. Anyone in your wedding party, family, or friends are also open to schedule their own trial appointment services prior to the event date to try out and confirm the look they're seeking for the wedding.    

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